About us


Est. 2015

Really, though, we're still establishing ourselves.

____  Who are we?

Building a business with integrity, honesty and a transparency through its entirety, we aim to do good and do right.  We're in phase one, which is getting setup and established, as well as learning the ins and outs of sourcing quality green coffee from quality and care-focused producers and importers.  We know where we're at, and we don't have a bunch of smoke and mirrors to hide any missing branches in our knowledge or capacity.  We do what we can, which is to offer you great service from real, unfiltered people who want to provide you with a beautiful coffee experience.

____ Roasting Philosophy

The way we approach roasting is simple:  Show the coffee and all its potential with great clarity and sweetness.  We didn't grow the coffee, nor did we pick it, sort it, process, pack or ship it across the world.  Respecting the incredible people who put in the work to get us such wonderful coffee, that is what we do.  We're thankful that we're not alone on this quest.  There are many other roasters steeped in the same values, and that pushes us to do what we do better, every day.


- Regard