Colombia Los Andes - Rodrigo Cortez


This lot of 100% castillo from Rodrigo Cortez was passed on to us by our friends over and Bows and Arrows.  This year, due to renovations and weather the production was way down.   Not enough for Bows, but that worked out for us.  Los Andes is located at almost 2000 MAS in Huila.  Rodrigo is very careful when drying the coffee and uses covered, raised beds where he constantly rakes the parchment to ensure even drying.  We probably won't have the opportunity to get this coffee next year and we only have 3x35kg of it, so get it while it lasts!


Grapefruit, Red Berries and Panela




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We roast as needed to keep things fresh n' tasty.  If your coffee order is not immediately available and fresh by our standards, it will be included on the next roast day.  Order processing times are usually within 2-5 business days and then shipped expeditiously.  If you have a specific request or any questions, please email