Costa Rica San Diego - Honey Process


Costa Rican coffees aren’t something we come into often, so we decided to kick off the summer with this fun offering. From the Tarrazu region, this lot consists of Caturra and Catuai varietals grown at 1400-1500M. The well-designed greenhouses cope with the wet conditions of the region and allow for proper drying which translates to a cleaner cup and stable coffee. The coffee is passed through an electronic sorter, twice, and that reduces the chance of ferment-y cups and creates greater consistency. The San Diego mill is also rated as the most sustainable mill in Central America. In the cup, expect a syrupy sweetness, bright fruit and nutty backbone.


Honeydew and Candied Almonds.




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Ordering Info:

We roast as needed to keep things fresh n' tasty.  If your coffee order is not immediately available and fresh by our standards, it will be included on the next roast day.  Order processing times are usually within 2-5 business days and then shipped expeditiously.  If you have a specific request or any questions, please email