Brazil - Valéria de Fátima Pimentel

Brazil - Valéria de Fátima Pimentel

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Tasting guide:

Milk Chocolate - Peanut Butter - Raisin - Citrus


Origin: São Bartolomeu, Mantiqueira de Minas, Brazil

Farmer: Valéria de Fátima Pimentel

Farm: Sitio Oliveiras

Altitude: 1050 - 1150 MASL

Varieties: Red Catuaí

Process: Natural

Fermentation: In Bag

Fermentation Time: 96 Hours

Drying Time: 4 Days

Drying Method: Patio


In the words of Apex Coffee Imports: "Valéria de Fátima Pimentel began learning about coffee at a young age accompanying her parents in their work as coffee growers. At that time, production was difficult and consisted entirely of family labor as they did not have access to technologies or other assistance. Despite this, her parents worked hard to support Valéria and her five siblings, teaching them skills that Valéria would use on her own farm one day. Valéria married her husband, Silvano, in 2002. He worked as a coffee producer in partnership with his brother, farming on their parents land at the time. In 2005, they purchased their own plot of land, Sítio Oliveiras, and planted coffee trees across the 8.3 hectare property. The family invested in infrastructure and equipment, such as tractors, dryers, and machines for post-harvest processing, in order to work toward producing high quality crops."