Colombia El Pedregal

Colombia El Pedregal

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Tasting Guide:

Guava – Syrupy – Gingerbread


Origin: Buesaco, Nariño, Colombia

Farm: El Pedregal

Farmer: Geovany Pinchao

Altitude: 2100 MASL

Varieties: Caturra

Process: Washed

Fermentation Time: 18hrs

Drying Method: Patio

Drying Time: 11 Days


Sourced through our friends at Apex Coffee Imports. Through their words:

"This lot is part of the Quitupamba small producers series. This group is made up of young farmers who are motivated to produce specialty coffee by the premiums being paid by Apex for quality. Through the efforts of CO-OP Especiales, this area is finally being highlighted for the potential of producing high scoring specialty coffee. This is the first year that Geovany's coffee has been separated as a microlot and is a great example of a terroir- driven, minimal intervention coffee."