Ethiopia Buku Sayisa

Ethiopia Buku Sayisa

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Tasting Guide:

Strawberry - Cocoa - Orange Zest - Floral


Origin: Hambela Wamena, West Guji, Ethiopia

Washing Station: Buku Sayisa

Owner: Esayas Beriso

Altitude: 2000-2350 MASL

Variety: Dega

Process: Natural

Drying Method: African Raised Beds

Drying Time: 20 Days


Sourced through our friends at Apex Coffee Imports. Through their words:

"Located near the village of Buku Sayisa in the Hambela area of West Guji, this lot comes primarily from a private farm called Veer.  The farm's owner, Esayas Beriso also owns the washing station (founded in 2018) located here which is called Buku Sayisa.  Mr. Beriso processes cherries from his own farm, as well as cherries from 430 nearby small-holder farmers.  Because of a lack of an accessible water source at the station, and the fact that this station is still quite new, Mr. Beriso has focused exclusively on producing natural process coffees.  The station site is located at 2350 masl making it one of the highest stations that we work with.  Together with our export partner, we paid a premium to the farmers for this coffee and the proceeds are being directed to expanding the station's infrastructure."